Simple Gfci Outlet monitoring

No more “oh no the garage freezer defrosted”

The Device

 A simple approach to a simple problem: a raspberry pi sends a heartbeat signal to our server every minute.


We are currently in the product development phase and are exploring other (cheaper) hardware options.

Coming Soon



The Service

Our server checks all outlet monitor devices linked to your account and sends you a notification when one goes offline for more than a few minutes (the power is out). This way you are quickly informed about a tripped GFCI / GFI outlet or power outage and can take immediate action. Much better than discovering a refrigerator or freezer of spoiled food days later!

Coming Soon


Our system sends you a notification using your preferred communication method:

  • Email
  • SMS (text message)
  • Telegram Message

Coming Soon

About The Project

We have a freezer in our garage on a switched outlet. The outlet is a GCFI. We were tired of constantly checking the freezer to make sure the GFCI was not tripped and that no one had accidentally turned off the outlet power switch. After searching the internet we discovered that a simple GFI / GFCI outlet monitor solution did not exist. We were hoping to find zigbee or zwave option but they do not appear to be available. We then searched for WiFi options, to no avail.  We decided to build a simple product and service to monitor outlet power and outlet uptime.


The product is still under development. We hope to offer this service for a very small fee (target is $5/year for up to 15 outlet monitor devices).


We plan to release the hardware setup and code for free so you can build your own. We may also release our backend code so you can host it yourself for free. This project is not really about making a bunch of money – it’s about creating something simple and useful that many people need.


If you would like to donate to speed up development or testing, we accept Paypal

Our Location

We are located on the outskirts of Boston, MA. All product development and testing takes places in the USA.